We mainly serve clients all over North Georgia, as well as the remainder of Georgia and the Southeast.


In addition to our location in Ellijay, Georgia, we have served numerous independent business and community bank clients all over North Georgia as well as the remainder of the state and the Southeast. Given our proximity to the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta, we are very accessible to any part of the country.


North Georgia is often referred to as the Apple Capital of Georgia to reflect the strong agribusiness and agritourism industries in the area. Real estate is a driving force behind growth in this mountain region in land investment, mountain homes, and vacation rentals. The mountain valleys are characterized by light manufacturing in timber products, fabrication, and high tech industries.

North Georgia begins with the rolling hill approach from Atlanta and becomes the majestic Mountains of the Blue Ridge. Vacationers from all around the country rent a bed and breakfast retreat or a luxury cabin so they can relax and find the peace and quite that is often missing in the suburbs. Not everyone visits for the peace and tranquility though; you will see kayakers and whitewater enthusiasts from all over North America traveling to the area to enjoy some fun and adventure. Cyclists and motorcycle clubs love the scenic highways, and the trails bring thousands of mountain bikers and hikers to the area each year. North Georgia is truly a paradise with something for almost everyone.

An array of professionals in real estate, consulting, legal, accounting, financial and other areas are available to make your move to North Georgia a successful one. We can help you find the people you need to continue to make your business, or escape from business, a rewarding adventure.

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